From QlikView to… Qlik?


I don’t know about you, but I’m finding a little bit difficult to embrace certain aspects of the new brand image that QlikView has adopted.

A fresh color palette has complemented the classic green gradients with warmer colors while a couple of orange circles have filled in for the emblematic QlikView swirls. I think that all these changes have reinvigorated the spirit of the platform, especially because they are aligned to its core values: effectiveness, real business value and simplicity.

To be honest, my only real problem is the transformation of the product name itself. If you recall 1994 (or read this post), in the beginning we used to call our favorite BI tool “Quik View” (maybe not very creative, but representative nevertheless).

After that, the name evolved to QlikView, a designation that is specifically difficult for some people. I don’t know if it is the same everywhere, but Spanish speakers often have issues with these kind of words. During my time as a QlikView consultant I’ve heard users and prospects use names like “Clear view”, “Q-View”, “Q-link-view” and the immortal “Qli.. Qui… Ku.. li.. mmm… How do you pronounce it?”.

But the times have changed: Pluto is no longer a planet, support for Windows XP is almost dead and QlikView is no longer QlikView. Some people say that every change is for good, but… Qlik? It just sounds… weird…

Just picture this, a couple of months ago the new version of the tool was going to be QlikView 12, but now we can have Qlik 12:

–          Hey John, which option should I select?
–          Just Qlik 12.


Or even better, we changed QlikView Next for Qlik Next, just like the first steps of every installation wizard!


I guess I just have to accept that now I am a QlikConsultant… We’ll probably know for sure this April at Qonnections. But what do you think about all these changes?

2 thoughts on “From QlikView to… Qlik?

  1. First, congratulations on your blog about QlikView. Keep the high standards of Evolcon even higher!

    Well, Qlik is our name, the whole ecosystem name. QlikTech is the company that trades in Nasdaq and QlikView is, and will continue being the name of the product. Therefore the QlikView 11 and QlikView.Next (the “dot” is not pronounced).

    If any, you are a QlikView Consultant, you post in the Qlik Community and upload nice apps to the Qlik Market and you are likely member of the Qlik Partner Network (all of them separated): Rest assured you will learn much more about the new branding in Qonnections -this year, by the way, I won’t be attending, but give my best regards to all the good people there, you know who they are and they are quite a bunch to name them here.

    Oh yes! Our email addresses are now that’s pretty Qool!

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