Simple Infographics

QlikView has an interesting set of pre-built charts such as bars, lines, pies and scatter diagrams. However, every now and then, it is necessary to give a little twist to these tools in order to satisfy our customers’ hunger for beautiful and useful analytics.


Simple infographics are an easy way to impress a prospect in a demo / SiB event. It is also a good instrument for executive dashboards focused on very visual business users. Yeah, I know… not very useful, but believe me: these things –as simple as they may look– have helped me to sell one or two projects. Even if you don’t have a designer in your company, you can create stuff like this:



In this example I will show you how to create the “Tourism in Paris” chart. As always, you can find the QVW and PNG files here for further reference.

1.- We will use this INLINE table as the data model:


2.- Create a block chart that uses “From” as dimension and “sum(Tourists)” as expression.

3.- We will need a clean chart, so hide the caption, borders and dimensions labels.




4.- Your block chart should look like this:


5.- Create a Text Object that will serve as the “mask” for our infographic (also included in the material).

IG6If you google “whatever_you_are_looking_for icon png” you will find suitable resources. Additionally, you can use a design tool to create the transparencies. If you don’t have any, you can always rely on Paint and PowerPoint:



6.- Adjust the layers  of both objects (the mask should be in a higher layer than the block chart).


7.- Put them together and adjust the sizes. (For detailed alignment remember you can use CTRL + Arrows).


8.- Create additional text objects as legends and headers.


To be honest, the most difficult part is finding a good image to use as a mask. Although this is a simple technique, it can really change the look & feel of your dashboards. Just be sure to use it with moderation, nobody likes a dashboard that looks like a Playskool toy.

If this tutorial gave you any ideas of other visual tricks, please share them in the comments area!

14 thoughts on “Simple Infographics

  1. Mat says:

    At last …. someone focussing on the aesthetics of getting information across to users rather than simply creating boring tables. Great work Julian.

  2. Thanks for sharing this info. We have a tendency to build graphics that are sterile, lifeless, and ugly. What you are sharing challenges us to be more artistic and I think that makes the data easier to digest — and, isn’t that the point. Great job! Keep up the good work.

  3. Luis Eduardo Samaniego says:

    Con dos ejemplos sencillos brndas un cambio radical al diseño de aplicaciones. Dicen que una imagen vale más que mil palabras. Gracias por tu aportación

  4. Alan says:

    HI. I cannot get to the source files as my corporate intranet doe snot allow me to access that site. Can you add the source files to this page?

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