6 thoughts on “Know your reloads!

  1. Hi,

    I would change the store and the drop table commands to wrap the table with [], or else there could be a reload error when the table has spaces in its name.

    I use a variation of this technique, but i only generate the metadata table on the script’s end, storing variables in the store Sub.
    I also use to put a tablebox in the qvw (Extractor and Transformation) to show the metadata information of the last reload.

    Carlos Lisboa

    • Thanks Carlos. I usually store my QVDs using under scores, but it’s a great idea to use square brackets, I’ll update my generetors!

  2. Hi Julian,

    Nice post showing one of the benefits of tracking metadata.

    The download link is not working, or I can not use it at least.

    Thanks for sharing

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