It’s all about simplicity

People often say that in architecture, music and fashion “less is more”. However, when it comes to Business Intelligence and dashboard design, there are usually much more opinions.

I’d say that simplicity has become a trend in design in the last years and we can see it everywhere: your smartphone’s interface, the building you’re working at, your email or the menu in the wall of your favorite restaurant. Take, for instance, the evolution of Microsoft’s logo over the last few years:


Non technological brands like Pepsi:


…and yes, even QlikView:


It is clear that elements such as gauges, animated charts and infographics are not only interesting ways to capture our users’ attention, but also powerful tools that provide insights. However, depending on the data we’re analyzing and the type of users we’re working with, other approaches may prove more effective.

When working on a dashboard, designers should strive for great analytical capabilities and usability while keeping things as simple as they can be. This doesn’t mean that all your tabs should look like a minimalistic painting, but as a BI professional, it is vital to understand when and how complexity is going to benefit our business users. Just follow the QlikView way: simple and powerful. Continue reading